Dave Rogers

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Dave Rogers has over thirty years experience of practising, teaching & tutoring people in Art Therapy, and also providing Coaching and Mentoring services, as well as a variety of forms of Training.

For further information click on one of the subjects above, or ring him on 01883 345865 or email Davrog94@Gmail.com.  To see a selection of Dave's own paintings see Paintings by Dave Rogers

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Forthcoming Events

  • Dave Rogers and Janet DeHeger are facilitating a one-day Private Practice Workshop for qualified and experienced Art Psychotherapists on April 12th at 24-27 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD.

  • Dave is also conducting three experiential art therapy group sessions as part of the BAAT Art Psychotherapy Foundation course beginning 1st May 2014

Details from the web site of the British Association of Art Therapists at www.baat.org