Dave Rogers



Dave Rogers has over thirty years experience of practising, teaching & tutoring people in Art Therapy, providing Coaching and Mentoring services, as well as a variety of forms of Training.

For further information click on one of the subjects above, email Davrog94@Gmail.com or ring 01883 345865.  Click on Paintings to see a selection of Dave's own work, and Contact Venues and Fees for details of training and teaching.

Forthcoming Events


Dave is conducting three experiential art therapy group sessions as part of the BAAT Art Psychotherapy Foundation course see www.baat.org).  The new dates for the group sessions on the Foundation course are October 17th 2015, October 31st 2015, and November 14th 2015.

In addition, Dave is co-teaching on the 'Setting up in Private Practice for Art Therapists' course on October 3rd 2015.

 Dave has session spaces at his practice in Caterham, Surrey for...


Individuals seeking Art Therapy for emotional support and personal development


Art Psychotherapy for Art Psychotherapy trainees

Art Psychotherapy supervision


Performance coaching for your work & profession

Stress management coaching